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1950                 Born Manchester , raised in Durham City




1968 - 72         University of Newcastle upon Tyne

                        Department of Fine Art (BA)


1978 - 80         University of London, Goldsmiths College

                        Department of Fine Art (MFA)


Solo Exhibitions



Dunelm House, Durham University, Durham City


Newcastle University Theatre


Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London


Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London


Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London


Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London


Underwood Street Gallery, London


Norwich Gallery, Norwich


Holly Snapp Gallery, Venice


Battersea Pump House, London


I-Level, London


Dahl Gallery, Lucerne


OHOS Gallery, Reading



DRAIOCHT Arts Centre, Dublin



Galerie Ulf Larsson, Cologne


Group Exhibitions



Northern Young Contemporaries, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester


Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

Tim Allen, Chris Mansell, John Corby, Abbot Hall Gallery, Kendal



Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

Flags (prizewinner) Festival Hall, London


Eleven, Camden Arts Centre (Goldsmiths MA Exhibition)



Artists For Nuclear Disarmament selected by Peter Fuller, ACME Gallery, London




*A Critic’s Choice of New Painting and Sculpture, selected by

Adrian Searle, with Basil Beattie, Simon Linke, Lee Tribe and Suzanne Hutchinson, Atlantis Gallery, London


The South Bank Show, South London Art Gallery


St. Martin’s Painters, Seven Dials Gallery, London


Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London


150th Anniversary Exhibition, Durham University


Small Works, 5th Anniversary Exhibition, Newcastle Polytechnic


Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London



Drawings, selected by Mark Ainsworth, Ulster Polytechnic, Belfast


Critic’s Space, selected by Tim Hilton, Air Gallery, London


Paint, Presence and Other Stories, curated by Adrian Searle and Tim Allen, also including Ed Whitaker, Phil Nicol and Tim Jones - Ikon Gallery, Birmingham



Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London



Twenty London Painters, The Royal Academy, London         


SPACE Artists at BP, Britannic House, London



Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London


On a Plate, Serpentine Gallery, London



Tim Allen and Sharon Hall, Chisenhale Gallery, London


Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London


Athena Arts Award, Barbican Centre, London


International Contemporary Art Fair, Los Angeles


International Contemporary Art Fair, London



Decoy, Serpentine Gallery, London, curated by Andrea Schlieker also featuring Elizabeth Magill, Rebecca Scott, Clair Joy



Rotunda, Broadgate, selected by  Whitechapel Art Gallery, London



Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London



Moving Into View,  Arts Council Exhibition (Recent Painting) Festival Hall and touring till1994          



Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London



T ‘n’ T, two-person show with Tina Keane, curated by William Shoebridge, Plummet, London


Cocaine Orgasm group show - wall painting - curated by BANK, Bank Space, London


A Question of Scale, curated by Vanessa Jackson and Rebecca Fortnum, Winchester Gallery, Winchester



A Question of Scale, group show Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol


Weather Report, group show, Koninklijke Galerie, The Hague


Euthanasia, group show - Glass piece - curated by William Shoebridge, Plummet, London


Whitechapel Open - wall painting - Folgate Street, London


Sad,  group show, Gasworks, London curated by Rebecca Fortnum



Pony, group show -   wall painting - curated by Mark Hammond  DFWT Gallery, London.



Critical Faculty - Picker Gallery, Kingston University and Grand Valley State University Gallery, Michigan



Tim Allen - Paintings - Underwood St. Gallery, London ,and Norwich Gallery, Norwich with accompanying publication: text by Adrian Searle, interview by Matthew Higgs, photography by John Riddy, design by Herman Lelie

ISBN 1-874044-28-7

                                                                                                                                                            Tim Allen - Paintings  -  Holly Snapp Gallery, Venice, Italy - supported by British Council


John Moores 21   - Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool



Fact and Value /Group show - British and Danish Abstract painting - Charlottenborg, Exhibition Hall,Copenhagen,Denmark. Curated by Torgny Wilcke and Mikkel Bogh, also incl . Ian Davenport, Julian Opie, Simon Callery, Clem Crosby, David Batchelor, Sybille Berger,Torgny Wilcke, Ellen Hyllemose, Milena Bonifacini, Jorgen Henrik Jorgensen, Bodil Nielsen, Ivar Tonsberg, Ane Vester, (with catalogue. )  

ISBN 87-88944-39-5 - supported by British Council


Ghost Train / One-person show - Battersea Pump House,London, with publication:interview by Matthew Collings, essay by Chris Horrocks 

ISBN 1-874044-34-1


Colour Codes / Group show - Rubicon Gallery, Dublin, Ireland. Curated by Josephine Kelliher, inc. Alexis Harding, Danny Rolph, Ronnie Hughes, Dave Holland, and Samuel Walsh


Vim and Vigour / Group show-SI Artspace, Sheffield- curated by MASS.


Art Futures / C.A.S./ Group show  -  Barbican, London


Live Painting for Bloomberg Inc. at Bloomsbury Square - commissioned by Rebecca King       Lassman        


Exchange show -  Kingston University  & Grand Valley State University – essay by Chris Horrocks   



Slimvolume Poster Edition – print project curated by Andy Hunt and Helena Sundstrom , 25 British and Swedish artists


British Abstract Painting 2001 - Flowers East Gallery, London. with catalogue – essay by Matthew Collings  


R.W.A. Painting Open - Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.



Tim Allen / Paintings -  at I-level , London ,  curated by James Windsor


Kiosk - at Kiosk Gallery, London (ink jet and photo-copy wall print )         


Exhibition Project - CRUISE, Glasgow , Edinburgh, Newcastle upon Tyne


Painting in the Year Zero - Keith Talent Gallery, London, with Danny Rolph, Tim Renshaw, David Smith, and Robert Holyhead, curated by Andrew Clarkin and Simon Pittuck


From the Ferry - Dahl Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland,solo show, with commissioned ink-

jet print and catalogue essay and lecture by David Ryan - supported by British Council


Lagoon - wall painting / Process room - Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. Residency   

- Artist’s Work Programme



Artists Pages - FIVE magazine, guest editor Gavin Turk


Night and Day in Bully’s Acre - OHOS Gallery, Reading



Painting By Numbers – Digital Wallpaper Installation, DRAIOCHT Arts Centre, Dublin



Angel of Dog  -  Mezkalito Gallery, London, curated by Raul Pina



Climate of Change – various venues/artists, London, curated by Mark Hammond



Royal Academy Summer Exhibition - London



The Perfect Crime – curated by Philip Allen and Dan Coombs, Gallery 4A, Malvern Royal


Academy Summer Exhibition – London


Small Space – Same Truth – Kusch & Co, London


Absorbency Retreat - Curated by Alexis Harding, AVA Gallery, London



Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – London

Tim Allen – Art Ulm, Ulm, curated by Max Fischer



Tim Allen -  Kunstkontor Galerie Ulf Larsson, Cologne


Tim Allen Prints  - ArtBros,  Cologne Print Fair


Throw away the Key – Peter Watson, Bob Lawson, Mark Hammond, Colin McNaughton

Curated by Tim Allen, Lion and Lamb Gallery, London


Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – London


Interview with Dan Coombs - Turps Banana Issue 13



Strukturen/Structures – Current British and German Abstract Painting, curated by Ivo Ringe, Penzance Exchange Gallery and Wilhelmshaven Kunsthalle. Also including Ian McKeever, Mark Francis, Andrew Bick, Gunther Forg, Jurgen Partenheimer, Ivo Ringe


Kunstfruhling - Guterbahnhof Bremen - solo show representing Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven within the UpArt Event


Summer Exhibition - Royal Academy of Arts, London


Black - Curated by Ivo Ringe, Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery, New York


Student/Tutor - Miller Gallery, London - Curated by Luke Noel: Tim Allen, Alexis Harding, Josh Brown, Verity Wyatt,  Stephen Gee, Luke Noel



Concrete Post 3  - Raum 2810, Bonn, Curated by Christoph Dahlhausen with Tim Allen, John Beech, Shiau Peng Chen, Christoph Dahlhausen, Matthew Deleget, Michael Graeve, Atsuo Hukuda, Michael Jager, Wjm Kok, Oleksiy Koval, Sally Mannall, Didier Mencoboni, Ivo Ringe, Jeena Shin, Hanna Tai, Andy Tetzlaff, David Thomas, Melanie JaneTaylor, Cecilia Vissers, Don Voisine, Jana Wellendorf


Autocatalytic Future Games - No Format Gallery, London, Curated by Playpaint (70+ artists)


Arte Britanico Contemporaneo – Morton Casa De Subastas, Chapultepec, Mexico, Curated by Javier Calderon



Summer Exhibition   -  Royal Academy of Arts, London


Black and White – Kunstkontor, Cologne, curated by Ulf Larsson with Tim Allen, Joaquim Cancho, Rene Dantes, Friedhelm Falke, Gunther Forg, Nina Pops, Emil Schumaker, Jerry Zeniuk             


The Discerning Eye – Mall Galleries , London, selected by Dan Coombs

The Pattern Reveals Itself – Claudia Weil Galerie, Friedberg, Germany -curated by Ivo Ringe                    

 with Tim Allen, Stefan Annerel, Joe Barnes, Andrew Bick, Alain Biltereyst, Bitta Bogers,         Joaquim Chancho, Max Cole, Edgar Diehl, Stefan Eberstadt, Rupert Eder, Karen Foss,       Mark Francis, Luke Frost, Daniel G.Hill, Michael Jager, Alf Lohr, Riki MIjling, Terry Pope,             David Rhodes, Ivo Ringe, Heather Sheehan, Rebecca Smith, Shawn Stipling, Dolf Verlinden   Cecilia Vissers, Don Voisine, Thomas Weil, Miro Zahra, Beat Zoderer

Restructured  - The Exchange, Penzance – curated by Ivo Ringe                   

Tim Allen, Andrew Bick, Gunther Forg, Mark Francis, Michael Jager, Alf Lohr


Summer Exhibition   -  Royal Academy of Arts, London


Dual Purpose - Turps Gallery, London -  Curated by Juan Bolivar

Catalogue with essays by Matthew Collings and Juan Bolivar ISBN 978-1-9998687-0-3


Painting Black – Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Soest, Germany – curated by Ivo Ringe

Tim Allen, Katrina Blannin, Joe Barnes, Andrew Bick, Deb Covell, Mark Francis, Jon Groom, Mark Harrington, Michael Jager, Ivo Ringe, Shawn Stipling etc




Structures Residency / Exhibition– Newlyn Art Gallery,  Curated by Ivo Ringe

Tim Allen, Stefan Annarel, Joe Barnes, Andrew Bick, Deb Covell, Rachael Coward, Rupert Eder, Luke Frost, Karen Foss, Michael Jager, Michelle Jaffe, Ivo Ringe, Shawn Stipling,

Miro Zahra


British Abstract Painting in the Eighties – Lanchester Gallery, Coventry University, Coventry

Curated by Matthew Macauley :

Tim Allen, Stephen Buckley, Clyde Hopkins,

Vanessa Jackson, Jeff Dellow, Joan Key, Geoff Rigden, Trevor Sutton       


Public and Corporate Collections

Arts Council of Great Britain

British Petroleum Corporate Collection

Abbot Hall, Cumbria

St. John’s College, Oxford

Israel Phoenix Assurance, Tel Aviv

I-Level London

CRUISE Glasgow/Edinburgh


BODUM  Lucerne

GORLAND Plc London

Articles & Reviews


The Guardian Oct 73

William Varley, Tim Allen Paintings

Durham University


Artscribe Feb 82

Stuart Morgan - Critic’s Choice, Atlantis Gallery


The Observer Nov 83

William Feaver, Whitechapel Open 1983


Artscribe Nov 83 

Tony Godfrey, Paint,Presence  and other Stories

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham


Arts Review Dec 83, Tessa Sidey

Paint, Presence and other Stories,

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham


Guardian 7 Dec 8

Waldemar Januzczek, Paint,Presence and other Stories

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham


Link Jan 84

Michael Williams, Paint, Presence and Other Stories

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham


Guardian May 88 

Tim Hilton, Tim Allen and Sharon Hall

Chisenhale Gallery


Time Out June 88

Sarah Kent, Tim Allen and Sharon Hall,

Chisenhale Gallery, London


Interiors June 88

Sarah Howell, Current British Painters


Guardian 13 Oct 88

Sacha Craddock, Athena Awards

Barbican Gallery


Artscribe Nov 88

Michael Phillipson, Figura: Rhetoric in Contemporary British Painting


Time Out 6 Sept 88

David Lillington, Tim Allen @ Rebecca Hossack Gallery


Guardian 6 Sept 88

Sacha Craddock, Tim Allen @ Rebecca Hossack Gallery


Observer 13 May 90

William Feaver, Decoy, Serpentine Gallery


Independent on 13 May 90

Tom Lubbock, Decoy, Serpentine Gallery



Independent 15 May 90

Andrew Graham-Dixon, Decoy, Serpentine Gallery


Guardian 16 May 90

Tim Hilton, Decoy, Serpentine Gallery


City Limits 28 Nov 91

Matthew Collings, Tim Allen @ Rebecca Hossack Gallery


Artscribe, Feb-Mar 92

Stuart Morgan, Tim Allen @ Rebecca Hossack Gallery


Guardian July 92 

Tim Hilton, Whitechapel Open 1992


Time Out Nov 3/ 93

David Lillington, Tim Allen @Rebecca Hossack Gallery


ArtNews Dec 93

Stuart Morgan, Tim Allen @Rebecca Hossack Gallery


Independent on Sunday April 95

Tim Hilton, New Painting @The Arts

Sunday Council Collection


Time Out  Nov 95

Tania Guha, Cocaine Orgasm @ BANK


Time Out  Oct 25/95

Adrian Searle, T’N’T @ Plummet


The Tate Winter 95

Celia Lyttelton, T’N’T @ Plummet


The Times Oct 95

Sacha Craddock, T’N’T @ Plummet


Time Out March 96

Martin Coomer, Euthanasia @ Plummet


Time Out Nov 1997

Martin Coomer, Matthew Radford @ Todd Gallery


The Art Newspaper June 99

Louisa Buck, Tim Allen @ Underwood  St Gallery


Sunday Tribune June 00

Marianne Hartigan, Colour Codes @ Rubicon

Gallery, Dublin


Irish Times June 00

Adrian Dunn, Colour Codes @ Rubicon Gallery, Dublin


Politiken July 24 00

Lisbeth Bonde, Fact and Value @ Kopenhaven, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen       


Ekstra Bladet  July 10 00

Tom Jorgensen, Fact and Value @ Charlottenborg, Copenhagen


Aktuelt July 24 00 

Elisa Nielson, Fact and Value @ Charlottenborg, Copenhagen


Politiken July 23 00

Peter Michael Hornung, Fact and Value @ Charlottenborg, Copenhagen


Weekendavisen    July 7 00

Mette Sandbye, Fact and Value @

Berlingske, Charlottenborg, Copenhage


Berlingke July 13 00

Mal Misfelde Fact and Value @

Tidende,  Charlottenborg, Copenhagen


Modern Painters July 00

Karen Wright Ghost-Train @ Battersea

(Preview) Pump House


What’s On Aug 00

Olivia Lowe, Ghost-Train @ B.P.H.


Time Out Aug 00

Martin Herbert , Ghost-Train @ B.P.H.


The Time Aug 16 00

John Russell Taylor, Ghost-Train @B.P.H.


Donnerstag 26/6/2003

Kurt Beck (image) From the Ferry @ Dahl Gallery Luzern


Modern Painters  3/2006

Karen Wright  Peter Doig interview


Zeitkunst 9/2012

ZK editorial, Neue Kunstmesse @ Ulm Art Fair 


Kohlner 16/2/2013

Jurgen Kisters Tim Allen@Kunstkontor Stadt-Anzeiger


Turps Banana No.13 2013

Dan Coombs Tim Allen Interview


UpArt 2014 2014

Viola Weigel Strukturen/Structures 



Punkt 5/2014

Viola Weigal Strukturen/Structures


Kompass  5/2014

Editorial Strukturen/Structures


Jeversches Wochenblatt  9/5/2014

Editorial Strukturen/Structures        


Wilhelmshavener Zeitung 12/5/2014

Norbert Strukturen/Structures        


Ostfriesland Magazin 6/2014

Editorial Strukturen/Structures        


Kompass 7/2014

Nordeck Strukturen/Structures        


Online and media:


Radio Jade 9.5.2014                     Strukturen/Structures


Kulturportal Nordwest 5/2014                 Strukturen/Structures


Artfacts 5/2014                

Strukturen/Structures 5/2014                 Strukturen/Structures


NDR-online 5/2014                 Strukturen/Structures


British Council 5/2014                 Strukturen/Structures


Kunstfruhling  5/2014                 Strukturen/Structures


Monopol-magazin 5/2014                 Strukturen/Structures


Kunst/UniBremen 5/2014                 Strukturen/Structures


Hales Gallery 5/2014                 Strukturen/Structures


Catalogue Essays

Paint Presence, Other Stories 1983

Stuart Morgan Ikon Gallery



Decoy 1990

Andrea Schlieker, Serpentine Gallery


Tim Allen 1993

Adrian Searle, Rebecca Hossack Gallery


A Question of Scale1995

Rebecca Fortnum, Winchester Gallery and Arnolfini Gallery


Critical Faculty 1998

Chris Horrocks, Picker Gallery Kingston Univ. &

Grand Valley State University


The Now 1999

Adrian Searle Tim Allen – Publication in Conjunction with exhibitions


Twenty Questions 1999

Matthew Higgs at: Underwood St. Gallery

Questions                                                                               London, Norwich Gallery and

(Interview) Holly Snapp Gallery, Venice


Tim Allen 1999

Cynthia Rose, Holly Snapp Gallery, Venice


Tim Allen - 2000

Matthew Collings Ghost Train – Publication in

Interview conjunction with exhibitions


Evasion Tactics 2000

Chris Horrocks at Pump House Gallery and Rubicon Gallery, Dublin


Sight-Lines 2003

David Ryan From the Ferry – dual Language catalogue for Exhibition at Dahl Gallery


The Encounter 2015

Tim Allen O Encontro – dual language catalogue Introduction for Carolina Piteira exhibition, Espaco Fidelidade Arte Contemporanea, Lisbon

Are You Experienced  2017

Juan Bolivar

Perceptual Flips, Apocalypse 2017

Matthew Collings.

Catalogue Essays for Dual Purpose  - Tim Allen Solo show at Turp's Gallery, London


Artist Pages

Artscribe Jan-Feb 85 

Matthew  Collings (editor) Artist’s Pages


Tank Magazine July 99

Clair Canning (editor) Artist’s Pages


Five Magazine Aug 03

Gavin Turk (editor) Artist’s Pages

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